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Tricia Pawelski


"I loved the Wedding Planning Checklist on Steroids by Lori. It was SO helpful with my wedding planning. I have printed off several checklists from other places online, but none of them were as informative and helpful as this one. Lori didn't miss anything! I also really enjoyed how each subject was sent on a different day. That way, it wasn't overwhelming! Overall, I really enjoyed the Wedding Planning Checklist on Steroids. I would definitely recommend it to anyone else who is in the midst of planning their wedding! "

Alecia Johnson


"Lori, I just wanted to thank you for the wealth of information you have offered over the past 30-days to ensure that my big day runs smoothly. Your tips and guidelines provided the most cost effective ways on how to make that happen, and I cannot thank you enough. You have been an absolute blessing to me. I can honestly say that I much more prepared because of your expertise."