DIY Wedding Planning

Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro! 

Welcome!  DIY Wedding Planning is here to provide the most up-to-date, easy to understand, accurate and yes, even sensible wedding planning information available!

We want to provide you with  all the tools, tips, strategies and information once upon a time only available to the wedding planning pros!  A tall order?  Not when you consider that we not only bring over 25 years of real-life event and wedding planning experience to the table, we also search out the very best wedding planning information for you!

We aren’t dividing our time doing other things.  We aren’t juggling multiple roles.  We are firmly focused on YOU!  We want to help you by giving you a place where you can go to get your wedding planning questions answered without having to spend hours searching, only to become overwhelmed with all of the information out there!

This doesn’t mean that your wedding won’t take over your life – it probably will.  With any luck, the information you find on this site will allow you to spend time doing more of the things that interest you WHILE achieving the long list of wedding planning “have-to-do’s” – in the most painless way possible.

We have lots of information to share, but we are in the process of putting it on the site.  Bear with us a this is built and stay tuned for some really exciting things that are coming up very quickly!


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